Q: Why am I getting InvalidPipeline?

Have you configured your connection yet?

redis_client = redis.Redis()

This will pass the redis connection to redpipe.

Q: I used decode_responses in redis and got an error in redpipe. WTF?

Short answer: I raised an exception on purpose.

I decided to be very opinionated. I don’t want you to do this.

When talking to redis, you don’t know for sure what you are getting. It might be binary data. It might not.

We wait to decode responses until we are down a layer when we know the data type of the keyspace we are using and the fields. That allows us to reuse the same connection to write and read binary data and still decode responses that should be.

If you feel this is wrong, let’s chat. I’m open to discussion.

Raise it in issues.

Q: Why name it RedPipe? That’s dumb.


I’m not the best at naming things.

Red is short for Redis. Pipe is short for Pipelining. Put the two together. RedPipe. That’s the sum total of my thought process in naming my module.

Plus, no one had used it yet in PyPi.