Open Source Redis Cluster Support

RedPipe supports Redis Cluster.

import rediscluster
import redpipe

r = rediscluster.StrictRedisCluster(
    startup_nodes=[{'host': '0', 'port': 7000}],

redpipe.connect_redis(r, name='my-cluster')

The reason you can do this is because RedPipe wraps the interface.

If it quacks like a duck …

RedPipe can support both the strict and normal interfaces. Because it is a wrapper, the commands buffer just as you send them. So if you wrap a StrictRedisCluster, the commands will be sent through as strict commands. If you wrap RedisCluster it follows that interface.

When you get to Keyspaces, RedPipe is more opinionated. You can use either StrictRedisCluster or RedisCluster. But it will present an interface more like the non-strict version.